The Ice Dragon Is Upon Us With New Game Of Thrones Screenshots

Game Of Thrones

A new batch of screenshots for Game Of Thrones' sixth and final episode of the season to prep us for how brutal of a note Game Of Thrones looks to be ending on

By the Gods it has been some time since we had the last episode of Game Of Thrones release and we still have a bit more time until the final episode of the season hits (November 17th). It's been such a long wait that I may need to replay the first five episodes again to be completely up to date for when The Ice Dragon is finally released by Telltale Games. Especially since the latest screenshots we have for Game Of Thrones' sixth episode now only slightly spark the memory of what is going on as it has been filled with all of the other information from all of the other titles the developer has put out there.

Anyways, as I mentioned we have a few new screenshots for the final episode of Game Of Thrones here to look at as we wait. Most of which do not show any of the remaining Forresters in a good place at all. Even the very serine image of Gared in the night sky gets counterbalanced in the HBO way with a freaking bear attack. I guess we shouldn't expect less in Game Of Thrones as it is a brutal franchise but I'd at least like to see some kind of happy end for someone in this world and story. That or watch them all get brutally murdered in the most human way possible that Game Of Thrones has already set forth on us.

I am a bit curious on one image in particular here as it shows someone prominent that could have been killed in the last episode of Game Of Thrones based on our choices. When I see images like this it makes me question if my choices do matter in this story or I am only being led to believe that. Now I really want to replay at least the last episode of Game Of Thrones to see if said character can bite the big one or if Telltale Games is pulling a fast one in the hopes that most of us chose said option in Game Of Thrones and they were just able to predict it all. Either that or huge spoiler for those who have been waiting for the full season to release digitally or physically next week.

Game Of Thrones — Gared Bear Game Of Thrones — Gared Tree Game Of Thrones — Mira Game Of Thrones — Rodrik Army Game Of Thrones — Whitehill Army

What are your thoughts on the new Game Of Thrones screenshots here and what they possibly reveal? Do you too think it has been a bit too long since the last episode? Do you think that Telltale Games didn't actually make a certain choice matter in the last episode of Game Of Thrones? Do you think this is just the most common outcome and this is why said character is revealed in the screenshots above? Let us know and discuss in the comments below. I am sure that there will be a new trailer and something else to go along with this final episode of Game Of Thrones so be on the lookout for those updates right here as we move into next week.