Overwatch Is Heading To Consoles & Getting Some Cool Extras In Tow


During Blizzcon it has been announced that Overwatch is hitting the consoles and it is getting an Overwatch: Origins Edition to do so

As was to be expected it looks like Overwatch is getting a collector's edition of sorts and in this we have a solid confirmation that it is also heading to the PS4 and Xbox One platforms In addition to the already known PC version. Well more of a special edition and then a collector's edition if we want to be more succinct about this here for Overwatch. Both of which will be bringing a whole slew of goodies not only for Overwatch but pretty much every other major IP that Blizzard currently has up and running.

The first look is at the Overwatch Origins Edition. This is edition will run everyone a cool $60 USD no matter the platform and will house all 21 heroes as well as five skins that will somehow give us a better feel for those particular character's backstory in Overwatch. On top of that there will be little extras as I mention like a new pet for World Of Warcraft and a set up wings from Mercy for Diablo 3. All of this can be seen in the following trailer so you can see if you want to shell out the dough to get the Overwatch bonus in your Hearthstone or not.

For those who just want the PC's basic version of Overwatch, Blizzard is still only going to charge you $40 USD and only PC gamers get this option here.

Overwatch — Origins Edition

If you are the crazy Blizzard fan that we know you are then the news gets better for you as there is an Overwatch collector's edition that has all of the above but also a nice art book, the game's soundtrack, and a bronze statue of Soldier: 76. This edition will set you back $129.99 USD no matter the platform and is currently available for pre-order through Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, or Directly of the Overwatch website.

Currently Overwatch has been slated with a June 21st release date across the board according to promotional materials but given Blizzard's history with how they release their games that could easily change. I'm going to guess it could be sooner rather than later given the current state of the Overwatch beta but we won't truly know until the powers that be deem it to be 100% done.

How do you feel about Overwatch getting released on the consoles here? Does it even affect you? What do you think that each of the character skins announced will tell us about them when we spin up Overwatch? Given the date do you think Blizzard will change when the game releases? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. Now that we have more solid information and Blizzcon is fully underway I am sure that more on Overwatch will be revealed soon and when it is we will have it all right here for you so be sure to keep checking in.