Guerrilla Combat In Rise Of The Tomb Raider Will Help With Deadly Tombs

Tomb Raider

Two more Woman Vs Wild videos for Rise Of The Tomb Raider have been released so we can see all the ways we'll be the Tomb Raider in the game

Looks like in all of the hullabaloo of last week we missed out on a new Rise Of The Tomb Raider Woman Vs. Wild video. That's okay though as it looks like as a reminder we have another new one here from Crystal Dynamics to help round out everything we need to know before we dive into Rise Of The Tomb Raider on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One on November 10th here. Well, not really everything as that would spoil quite a bit of the reason to actually play the game but we do get a nice over view of all of the Guerrilla Combat and tombs that Rise Of The Tomb Raider will have to offer us.

The first video up here covers the three different ways to go into Rise Of The Tomb Raider's combat. All pretty much the same that we had before in Tomb Raider with the ranged, close quarters, and explosives. It is nice to see that the crafting system will not require us to be at a base camp in Rise Of The Tomb Raider and we can do that on the fly somewhat. I'm still not sure if we can upgrade the bigger stuff on the fly but at least we can do explosives and ammo. That is at least one great addition here for Rise Of The Tomb Raider as long as all of the crafting gear isn't too spare.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider — Guerrilla Combat

That was last week's episode though, now we dig into the newer stuff that Crystal Dynamics wants us to know before we dive into Rise Of The Tomb Raider. Like, did you know that there will be tombs to be raided in the game? Tombs and crypts? Some for challenge and some to complete the main story of the game? You did? How did you know that in a game titled Rise Of The Tomb Raider?

All jesting aside, that is what the latest and last video in this series covers. Like mentioned above, we will have main tombs, challenge tombs, and crypts that will all house their own traps and puzzles but also have all of their own rewards for surviving them. It also seems that the new "language learning" system in Rise Of The Tomb Raider will be at the core of the latter two listed as you will have to decipher clues to find and begin the journey. Kind of a cool idea to have in the mix here but could it be a touch too much for Rise Of The Tomb Raider and us all? Most likely not.

What is also cool is that all of the treasure to be found in said tombs is not always of the shiny variety. Some of the rewards will be in the way of old manuscripts that detail out ancient tactics that have been lost to the modernization of humans that we can bring back in Rise Of The Tomb Raider. One of which being the original style used for archery that only a few in the modern age know and the rest of us marvel at. That is a pretty cool aspect to add into the game and I can't wait to dig in and find out other aspects in Rise Of The Tomb Raider that will be based, even loosely, on real world counterparts.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider — Deadly Tombs

Do you have any new thoughts on Rise Of The Tomb Raider now that you've seen all of these videos? How about those cool little bonuses that we will be able to unlock in the game? Do you think that Crystal Dynamics did a lot more research than we've been led to believe or is my knowledge of the obscure to eclectic? What aspect of Rise Of The Tomb Raider are you looking forward too? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. As we still have a week or so and then a year for Rise Of The Tomb Raider to hit the other platforms I am sure we'll have more for it from Square Enix as time passes on so be on the lookout right here.