This Week In Video Games 10/19/15 — 10/23/15

Video Games

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here's A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

Well that wraps another great week in video games for us here. All kinds of news and review popped up this week for all of our favorite video games now didn't they? I mean this was a heavy Call Of Duty: Black Op 3 and Rise Of The Tomb Raider week but we did manage to squeeze out a few reviews for Blood Bowl II, Minecraft: Story Mode, and Skylanders SuperChargers too. And to think; that is only the tip of the iceberg now that we are in the heavy release season for all video games. So many more to come and so much more news to read for our favorite franchises in the world of video games.

Speaking of, keep an eye out for even more reviews next week as we wrap up Tales From The Borderlands and our Rock Band 4 review as those video games have been released and we've had a chance to dig into them. Also a few others that we can't speak of yet but I am sure that you'll know what they are given all of the video games that have released or are releasing in the coming weeks. If you don't know you can sift through some of our stuff from this week and figure out which video games are in the pipelines for reviews here. You may have to go back a week or two as well…

Enough of all of that. Enjoy all the news we had in video games this week and enjoy the reviews as well. See you next week and as always, Happy Gaming!