New Heroes & Villains Join In The Star Wars Battlefront Fun

Star Wars Battlefront

Two new well-known heroes and one villain join Star Wars Battlefront as character that will join you in the fight during Star Wars Battlefront matches

If you were feeling like the Star Wars Battlefront main heroes were a bit lacking, as we've only seen a couple thus far, then let's get ready to add three more to the list. Well at least two heroes and one villain depending on which way you look at them in DICE's game this November 17th when it finally lands on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC for us all. These characters are of course Princess Leia, Han Solo, and the badass himself, Emperor Palpatine. As if we had any doubt that EA would allow Star Wars Battlefront to launch without these characters. Now we can all rest assured that they will be there fighting the good fights with us.

All of this news for Star Wars Battlefront was handed out to us all from the most recent PS Blog update for the game where the lead designer, Jamie Keen, spilled all of the beans and gave us all a few good looks at these characters in Star Wars Battlefront as well as a bit of description when it comes to the abilities they will be bringing with them into the fight. Most of which we can assume but for the most part Princess Leia is a support type character, Han Solo is a gun slinging assault character, and the Emperor is pretty much the terror that we see in the Star Wars films with all the lighting too boot. Should we have expected less?

If you would like to get a better description for each of these new heroes to Star Wars Battlefront we have some excerpts from the update just below along with the images for each of these characters. DICE has been working hard on Star Wars Battlefront and it looks like all of the fans will have something amazing to keep their attentions in between each new film release won't they?

Star Wars Battlefront — Leia Organa

Leia Organa

It’s clear that Leia is a leader, so in Star Wars Battlefront she’s very much about support play, buffing team members, and holding positions. Furthermore, players spawning close to her will spawn as Alderaan Honor Guards. That said, she’s got a lot of offensive output as well. Just look at the original Star Wars trilogy: you’ll notice that when Leia shoots at stormtroopers, she kills them quickly. We’ve based one of Leia’s abilities on this: Trooper Bane.

A hard-hitting, boosted blaster shot, Trooper Bane is designed to be fired in single bursts. Now, this packs a real punch if you hit your target. A stormtrooper will get killed in one blast by Trooper Bane, and against Villains it will both deal a lot of damage and temporarily stun them.

A more defensive power is the Enhanced Squad Shield. This works like the regular Squad Shield Power Card but is far stronger: it can stop some Force abilities and Leia can even shoot out of it with Trooper Bane active, which ground troopers cannot. The Enhanced Squad Shield is ideal if you want to own a certain area of the map, such as an Uplink Station in Walker Assault. Simply deploy the shield and you can securely hold these key areas as a group thanks to Leia’s cover.

Then there’s Supply Drop, another power that will make Leia a key asset for Rebel forces. Activate this ability to drop a variety of power ups for ground troopers, or health boosts for other Hero characters. This can really help your team out, so make sure to use it as often as you can.

Star Wars Battlefront — Han Solo

Han Solo

Han Solo is a gunslinger mainly designed for lone wolves and, echoing the beginning of the original Star Wars trilogy, he’s not very dependent on others. Similar to a Rebel trooper, but with a greatly boosted arsenal, Han Solo might be the easiest Hero character to get into. Offensive output, damage, and mobility — that’s what this guy’s about.

Han Solo has three useful abilities to even out the odds fighting the Empire and the first one is called Rapid Fire. Active for a few seconds, this lets Han fire his Blaster as fast you can pull the trigger, without having to worry about overheating. Try this out when taking on compact groups and mow down those stormtroopers! Rapid Fire is also really good for when villains like Darth Vader approach. Use it at the right time and you’ll lay down a ton of damage.

It’s been incredibly fun to work on Han Solo for Star Wars Battlefront. He’s such a likeable character, and turning his unique persona into gameplay features is a thrill when you’re a Star Wars fan. We’ve also witnessed the love for this character in our playtests. Han’s sardonic lines and emotes seem to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Star Wars Battlefront — Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine

Palatine’s main attack is the iconic Force Lightning, which does a lot of damage to troops within reach. The lightning also comes in the more powerful Chain Lightning form, which is an area of effect ability dealing damage to enemies around you in all directions.

Another power is called Force Dash and is (pun intended) shocking in another way. When Palpatine activates Force Dash he’ll move extremely fast in his current direction, which can be a real nasty surprise for Rebel soldiers. We’ve seen some players get really startled when they have been aiming down the sights at Palpatine and suddenly see him right up close.

In contrast to these abilities, Palpatine is also the Empire team’s support Villain, capable of providing powerups for others and himself. Thanks to his command of the Empire, Palpatine can use the Imperial Resources ability to hand out power-ups to teammates and health boosts to other Villains.

What do you think about these characters in Star Wars Battlefront? Are you surprised at all to see them added into the mix of "hero" characters that DICE will be using? What other "hero" characters do you see on the horizon for Star Wars Battlefront or would just like to see in general? Let us know in the comments below and get all hyped up for the game. As EA release more news on Star Wars Battlefront we will have it all right here for you so be sure to keep checking back in as all of that comes out.