Holy Fire May Rain Down In Your Rise Of The Tomb Raider Experience

Tomb Raider

A new trailer for Rise Of The Tomb Raider's DLC pre-order bonus pack has been released showing off exploding chickens as a weapon in the Tomb Raider franchise

You still have some time to pre-order Rise Of The Tomb Raider as its November 10th release date on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One is still a bit of the way out. In the vein of trying to get those pre-orders out there we now have another look at what Crystal Dynamics has whipped up for said pre-orders. At least if you are planning to pre-order Rise Of The Tomb Raider at GameStop or already have as this is a new look at the Holy Fire ability card pack that will come bundled in the Apex Predator pre-order pack you may already know about for Rise Of The Tomb Raider.

This pack will give those who have it five new items and abilities in Rise Of The Tomb Raider that will make the game a little easier and/or a little sillier. From things like having unlimited flaming arrows to being able to throw chickens that explode on impact; all things added to the Tomb Raider's arsenal as she rises. Yes, the chickens will explode so you will have extra explosives running around the maps of Rise Of The Tomb Raider if you have said card or perk. Lucky you.

Here's the list of what will come in Rise Of The Tomb Raider's Holy Fire pack as well as some video showing them all off.

  • Holy Fire — Enemies killed by melee attacks explode, hurting and igniting other enemies nearby
  • Backfire — Enemies that land a melee attack have a chance of bursting into flame
  • Chicken Bomb — Thrown chickens explode on impact
  • Lucky — Enemies more likely to drop rare loot
  • Blazing Inferno — Grants unlimited fire arrows

Rise Of The Tomb Raider — Holy Fire Card Pack

If there is one listed here that seems like a shoehorned in perk for Rise Of The Tomb Raider it has to be the titular one of Holy Fire. At least how Crystal Dynamics has shown it off here. That is of course if it is not considered a silent kill in Rise Of The Tomb Raider with the explosive side-effects mixed in. If not then you will have to completely go run and gun in Rise Of The Tomb Raider as everyone will be exploding all the time and even stealth kills will only land you one unheard death. Hopefully that is not the case and just a fun addition to Rise Of The Tomb Raider.

What do you think about Rise Of The Tomb Raider's perks/cards here? Do they all look like they will add the fun that Crystal Dynamics is looking to have here? Do you see some of them not making any sense in the context we have seen them? Do you care and just think they will add fun to Rise Of The Tomb Raider? Let us know down in the comments and discuss away. I'm sure we will have more to bring you for this game and other Tomb Raider titles in the future so be sure to keep checking in for more right here as Square Enix will hand it all out.