Resident Evil Is Getting Yet Another CGI Feature Film

Resident Evil

A new CGI feature film for the Resident Evil has been slated for a 2017 release to make sure we are all inundated in Resident Evil lore

All because we didn't ask for it directly it looks like we are getting another Resident Evil film. Another one that isn't part of the live action films and of the CGI persuasion as Capcom has given us in the years past. This animated film goes above and beyond that part of the Resident Evil franchise and will be the third of its kind in this aspect. All because we never asked for it and someone at Marza Animation Planet thought it would be an amazing idea as well. Yay…more Resident Evil

Currently there is nothing in the way of details on what to expect for this Resident Evil CGI film but it does look like Capcom is trying to bring Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and Rebecca Chambers back into our lives with it. Maybe it will be a good tie-in to a true Resident Evil 7 title that will most likely be announced or coming around the same time. Doubtful but at least I can hope and dream right? Don't dash my Resident Evil dreams here. It wouldn't be nice and may call down the Tyrant on you…

In case you are worried on who is handling this new addition to Resident Evil here, the team over at Marza Animation Planet do boast a rather decent resume of projects. It looks like part of the crew handling Resident Evil here have also worked on Ju-On (The Grudge in the States), Ghost in the Shell, and Death Note. A fairly decent array but I would like to know about the bombs they have made so we can see how potentially horrid this new Resident Evil film could be.

If you want to read the full release for Resident Evil here, and happen to read Japanese, you can swing on over here to check everything out. Maybe you can spot some extra information that was missed here due to the language barrier. Either way we can try and go to sleep tonight knowing that Resident Evil is getting yet another CGI film added into the mix along with all of the other spin-offs and titles that Capcom may be cooking up. We just really need a good solid Resident Evil 7 and call it a day.

How do you feel about Resident Evil getting yet another CG film added to the mix? Do you think that Capcom is going a step too far with the franchise or are you excited to see what is planned for us all? Does it sound like Marza Animation Planet will be up to snuff for Resident Evil here? Let us know in the comments and discuss away. As new updates and news on this new Resident Evil film emerge we will have them here for you so be sure to keep checking back in so you know what is going on with our beloved Resident Evil franchise.