This Week In Video Games 9/7/15 — 9/11/15

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here's A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

It has been a shorter week in the video games world here but that still doesn't mean we didn't get to what we could. It did allow for us to play catch-up on all of those video games we had sitting around or just launched here recently. Only now we get to look forward to titles like Rock Band 4, Hellblade, and The Wither 3's DLC that are all coming. At least based on all of the video games we had to cover this week even though, like I said, it was shortened by the most recent American holiday and we took a break to play some video games.

As for things to come; we still have a Metal Gear Solid V review in the works. We were given access late in the game and there is so much to cover it boggles the mind. Other video games to look out for will be Drawn To Death as we are digging into the most recent Public Access that was handed out. You can watch some of our video of that over on if you need some good video game fixes there.

Until next week though. Have fun with all of those video games and enjoy reading through what we were able to cover this week in video games. Happy gaming all!

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