Ten More Guitar Hero Live Tracks Have Been Revealed To Us

There have been ten more tracks added to the ever growing list of Guitar Hero Live songs that will be playable when Guitar Hero Live officially launches

There is still over a month before Guitar Hero Live hits homes around the world. October 20th will creep up on us like a bad burrito and we'll be jamming out to all the songs that FreeStyleGames could cram into Guitar Hero Live's disc. Of course this will be expanded based on all of the other options Activision is forcing into Guitar Hero Live to make sure we have a well-rounded set list of songs but we'll focus completely on the disc list as that will be available for all who purchase Guitar Hero Live no matter what. At least that is the hope…

With that said it looks like we have ten more tracks added into the list here for Guitar Hero Live. Said list can be seen just below with all of the links out so you can hear the songs that FreeStyleGames wants you to jam to in Guitar Hero Live. Have a listen and check out what we have to add.

If I have ever felt out of "the scene" in my life it would be with about 90% of the songs added here for Guitar Hero Live. Maybe my music choices are to eclectic or non-main stream enough but only one of these songs has me tickled for Guitar Hero Live. I guess it is a good thing that all of the sales and my thoughts are not driven solely on the track list for the game and all of the other features that FreeStyleGames and Activision have crammed into Guitar Hero Live. Then I just get to sit and hope that some of my favorite songs, bands, performers make it into Guitar Hero Live via DLC or other means. We'll see I guess.

What do you think of the ten new tracks for Guitar Hero Live here? Are you tickled pink with excitement or scratching your head in puzzlement as you too have never heard of some of these songs, bands, or performers? Are you waiting for the magnum opus of songs to hit Guitar Hero Live still? Let us know in the comments below. As Activision hands out the new songs you best bet that we will have them here on the site. Hells, even when FreeStyleGames gives us new gameplay features for Guitar Hero Live. Be sure not to miss out on them as we have them right here.

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