The Merc' With The Mouth, Deadpool, Is Hitting Next Gen Systems

It has been announced that Deadpool will be making the leap from the PS3 and 360 to the PS4 and Xbox One this November bringing all of the Deadpool goodness with him

Talk about a "remaster" of sorts coming out of nowhere as Deadpool is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One almost two years after it hit the PS3 and Xbox 360. This would be the High Moon Studios game that came out in 2013 that also had a lot of mixed reviews based on the titular character Deadpool. I am sure that Activision isn't doing this because of the most likely success of the Marvel franchise recently and the new film on the way. Not at all. Either way on November 17th for the low price of $49.99 USD you can own Deadpool on your next gen systems and experience another side of Deadpool that you may or may not want to know. Such a great character.

If the price point seems a bit high of Deadpool that came out years ago (Don't let Deadpool know that) it is worth noting that this also comes with all of the DLC that High Moon Studios originally put out there for the game. Granted these are just two challenge maps for Deadpool, some extra costumes to wear in the game, and Infinite Mode where you take Deadpool through a never-ending onslaught of enemies just to get the highest kill count. Makes a lot of sense here for Deadpool but not sure if it is really worth an extra $10 to $20 for a game that doesn't list anything else has been updated for the new hardware and just ported out.

Deadpool — Video Game - Launch Trailer

Deadpool — PS4 Deadpool — Xbox One

Don't let me dissuade you on Deadpool though as it was an amazing title for those who love the Marvel character. I also think it is one of Nolan North's best voice acting works as he nails every little nuance of Deadpool's personality and "voices" through the whole game. Not to mention that Deadpool is just fun. As video games should be. I'm just not sure that the price point here is going to get those who enjoyed Deadpool already to get back in the saddle and drop the cash on the game again when they could buy a lot of chimichangas instead. I am guessing this is more for the first time players though and not the seasoned veterans of Deadpool like myself.

Did you play Deadpool before and if so would you be willing to drop the cash on it again to have it on the next gen systems? Do you think this might be a ploy to get more cash so High Moon Studios can work on a true sequel for Deadpool? Are you just going to buy chimichangas instead? Let us know and discuss down in the comments. My hopes are that this is to allow Activision to expand the Deadpool franchise and if my hopes are met then we will have all kinds of updates for Deadpool and future titles right here for you. Keep checking in as we will have it all…and Deadpool.