This Week In Video Games 8/17/15 — 8/21/15

Another week in video games down and many, many more to go. Even if this week was a bit on the roller coaster ride that we usually use to describe weeks that occur before major conventions. PAX Prime is coming up so I am sure that all of the other big announcements and reveals will happen then. That's not saying we didn't have some great stuff for Until Dawn, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Mad Max this week. Hells, we also had one of the best announcements for Kingdom Heart III with Big Hero 6 getting its time in the sun when that game finally hits the market. Whenever that may be. I'm sure that will be released at TGS or later but we may be surprised. Video games can be that way.

We also had some great video game releases this week and in the next coming weeks so be sure to keep an eye right here for all of those updates and most likely reviews that we can get our hands on and out to you. So many video games are coming it is going to be a huge undertaking. We are hitting the major release season for almost all video games out there so be sure to be ready to be inundated with news, reviews, and updates. If it goes dry any time soon then there is something wrong in the video games industry and we'll still have that to cover I guess. Let's all hope that isn't the case and we just get loads of new video games to keep us entertained and shaming each other online with.

As is the norm, here is a list of all the bits of news and updates we have for our video games here. Have fun re-reading or playing catch up as we move into and through the weekend. Enjoy and Happy Gaming all!

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