PlayStation Is Giving PS4 Owners The Chance To Beta Firmware

Way back in March of this year rumors started springing up that PlayStation users would be getting a firmware beta program for the PS4. Nothing was concrete and set in stone back then as this was all based on a few emails and screen shots that could have been faked. Well it turns out they were not faked as right now PS4 owners who want to give new firmware a try can sign up to beta test on their systems. Because this is apparently a thing that PS4 owners have wanted so their Xbox One buddies would stop having something to gloat about. Also, apparently that is a thing to but I don't know why.

This news comes right from the source over at PlayStation and there is even a nice new page users can go to so they can sign up to beta test firmware starting with the next big update in September. Early September at that as that is when the first batch of firmware beta testers will be given access on their home consoles. There is nothing like having a system that may or may not crash on you while you play your games because you want to claim "first" on something from PlayStation to your friends. Sadly I know that is a thing… Gamers and human will always seem to elude normal logic for some reason.

If you are interested in getting your hands on the barely tested PS4 firmware first then you can head over to the site linked here. All it asks is that you have a, PS4 (duh), a valid PSN Id, and said PSN Id is set as a Master Account on the system. No subs allowed. Take that however you wish to take it there. If you can do all of that then you may or may not find yourself testing the next PS4 firmware just for PlayStation. What a lovely day…

Did you just lose your mind at being able to test the next PlayStation 4 firmware? How is this something that gamers want instead of being able to truly beta test games on their PS4? How many systems do you think this will "brick" before PlayStation turns this from a beta program to a "preview" program? Let us all know down in the comments and keep the discussion rolling. If anything changes for this in the not too distant future you can full expect us to have the news right here so be sure to check in and checking often. You don't want to be left wanting now do you?