Hitman Is Looking Sharp In The Most Recent Screenshots

We may not have any new official gameplay video to show you for Hitman out of Gamescom just yet but we do have some new screenshots to show you just how dapper Agent 47 will look while clearing out hit contracts. By dapper I mean how he will look in the standard clothes that Io Interactive will be giving him for when we all dive back into the Hitman on December 8th on our PS4, Xbox One, or PC. While there may not be any crazy costumes on 47 just yet at least we can get a real good look at how Hitman is shaping up in the visuals department as of Gamescom here. Why Square Enix just won't give us the gameplay for Hitman they are showing off right now I don't know but at least this is something.

As of now though we have these great shots for Hitman that you can see below. Nothing to wet yourself over just yet but at least the game is looking like it will be up to par with where we are in the video game graphics department in this generation. No taking steps back from what we have been expecting from Io Interactive at all. Although I am curious to find out if that is Agent 47 being thrown off a building or if he did the throwing? Can we expect this to be a new way to get rid of bodies or cause distractions in Hitman? It would make sense but we won't know until we get more of what they have crammed into Hitman already and moving forward.

Hitman — Screenshot Hitman — Screenshot Hitman — Screenshot Hitman — Screenshot

Now I spoke of a Hitman gameplay demo up above and a lack of it being available to view for the world. Apparently this is only something we will all have to wait for as Square Enix does plan on showing us the official gameplay demo for Hitman in an area called Showstopper. It will show off the amazing visuals of Hitman as well as all of the gameplay mechanics that Io Interactive is ready to share with us all. The current word is "within a few weeks from now" but that isn't a solid thing to go by. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Patience will be something we will have to master to master Hitman as it was in the past.

If you can't wait to see this 15 minutes gameplay demo for Hitman you can see some poor examples of said level being played in the closed alpha for the game. How Square Enix has yet to rip these down from the internet I don't know but just like last time here is some Closed Alpha test footage of Hitman to sate your appetite until we get the real deal. Don't expect much as these testers and "leakers" don't seem to know how to play a Hitman game at all so it is pretty lackluster. It is just something for while we wait.

Hitman — Showstopper Gameplay #1

Hitman — Showstopper Gameplay #2

So how do you think Hitman is shaping up for the franchise's next installment? Do you think Io Interactive has the look and feel down based on the images above? Do you wish we could just get that Hitman gameplay demo now even if it is only in video form? Let us know down in the comments and discuss. Since we all know it is coming be sure to check back in here often for all things Hitman as we will have said gameplay demo right here for you as soon as Square Enix deems it time to show the whole world and not just those of Gamescom.