Star Wars Battlefront Takes To The Skies With A New Gameplay Mode

As if Star Wars Battlefront wouldn't have aerial combat in the game… Although up until now we have yet to see the mode in action but we can all rest easy now as DICE has shown off the new Fighter Squadron mode for Star Wars Battlefront at Gamescom and it gives us just what we all want. Now we just have to sit back and wait for November 17th for Star Wars Battlefront to come to our PS4, Xbox One, or PC right from EA. That wait won't be anything short of excruciating right? Not now that we get to see the dogfights in action for Star Wars Battlefront just a bit below.

Now you can skip down to the new gameplay for Star Wars Battlefront and look at all of the pretty flying things blowing each other up or you can stick around here and get more details on what Fighter Squadron mode is bringing. It is clear in the video that we will be choosing sides between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. It is also clear that we will get to pilot X-wings, A-wings, TIE fighters, and TIE Interceptors in Star Wars Battlefront. What isn't clear is that the mode also declares a winning team after on scores 200 kills in the air. Be it the 20 players in Star Wars Battlefront's Fighter Squadron mode or AI bots thrown in for good measure.

Also what isn't fully clear in the below trailer is that there will also be side task in this mode for Star Wars Battlefront. Like the fact that there will be transport shuttles flying around that you'll either have to destroy or protect depending on your situation. Apparently these count toward your score if you can kill the enemy shuttles or defend your own. Makes a bit or sense but also kind of expected here in this mode I guess. Star Wars Battlefront does take place in a huge universe after all and there are bound to be casualties of war sometimes. Sometimes these are the people being thrust into the action after getting off said shuttle.

To wrap things up for Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron mode, there will also be power ups and boosts scattered all over the battlefield. They are pretty much the standard fare except for the "special power up" that lets you take command of the Millennium Falcon or the Slave-1 in Star Wars Battlefront; depending on the faction you are fighting for at the time. You can see them in the video below but do not that they are only brief power ups and not a permanent option to start out the matches with for all of the Fighter Squadron matches in Star Wars Battlefront. That is sad but fair I guess.

Star Wars Battlefront — Fighter Squadron Mode Gameplay

Is your nerd boner away now that you've seen the aerial combat for Star Wars Battlefront? Still got a chubby thinking about taking control of the Slave-1? Do you think players are going to be fighting over getting those power ups more than defending the transport shuttles mentioned above? Do you think DICE is going to add in other iconic ships moving forward? Let us know what you think down in the comments and discuss. There is still a lot more that EA has to share with us all for Star Wars Battlefront so be sure to stay here for more updates and news as they get released. I'm hoping to get to use Jabba's craft at some point.

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