Faith Is Restored With New Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gameplay

When I first heard that Mirror's Edge Catalyst was going to be a reboot of sorts for the franchise I was a little worried as I didn't think it needed a reboot. After my experience with it at E3 I was calmed down a little as it looked like DICE was going in the right direction even if it felt more like an expansion to the world and not a new title. After seeing what EA had to present for Mirror's Edge Catalyst during Gamescom here I think my worries are now pretty much faded away as even if it isn't going to be coined a sequel Mirror's Edge Catalyst is exactly what I was hoping for back when it was called Mirror's Edge 2. At least based on the gameplay we are being shown.

While there isn't much more in way of gameplay features and the like for Mirror's Edge Catalyst here we do get a nice look at one of the game's story missions that we may be getting to aid Faith with when it launches on February 25th 2016. The level is extremely familiar to me as it was part of the free roam section of the demo at E3 but now it makes much more sense seeing Mirror's Edge Catalyst in action via story mission. Context does wonders and I only wish it would have been there before. Maybe not though as it wouldn't have given me the excitement I have now for Mirror's Edge Catalyst which led me to offering up these new tidbits.

I'll let you watch Mirror's Edge Catalyst but I have one more thing to add here before you do. I am glad to see that DICE has added in the ability for Faith to climb up certain objects and walls in Mirror's Edge Catalyst based on what they are made of or the structure. I am sure it was hardware limitation before but it always bothered me that a master of Parkour couldn't scale a basic wall that has plenty of handholds to do so with. As you'll see below Mirror's Edge Catalyst allows for that and actually places some in the game's levels to add a few extra choices to get around. I just wish all of the glass worked the same no matter who was placing pressure on it…

Mirror's Edge Catalyst — Gameplay Trailer

What are your thoughts on Mirror's Edge Catalyst now that you've seen it in full action and in this context here? Did it re-spark faith in the franchise for you too? Do you think DICE needs to change or add anything else? Why do you think all of the guards Faith threw into the windows here in Mirror's Edge Catalyst just flew right through while she could run up them? Let us know in the comments and discuss. Also be sure to keep checking in here for all things Mirror's Edge Catalyst as we will be covering all of the updates that EA is willing to give us and you won't want to miss out before February at all. No you would not…

Mirror's Edge Catalyst