Guitar Hero Live Brings A Lot More In The Way Of Vocals

It looks like Guitar Hero Live is getting something that many have wondered would be included since it was first announced; vocals. It looks like FreeStyleGames didn't want to leave any Guitar Hero fans left out or Activision wanted to make sure it could truly compete with Guitar Hero Live's competitor in the gameplay options and not just the soundtrack. No matter the case here though it looks like vocal options are making the way back into Guitar Hero Live when it hits the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices on October 20th this year. Now we just wait and see if drums are making it back in here for Guitar Hero Live too.

This new comes out of the most recent trailer for Guitar Hero Live right from Gamescom where FreeStyleGames has detailed out the vocals as well as a lot of other features yet to be discussed for Guitar Hero Live. Some of the other features discussed would be a bit more on GHTV as well as what to expect for multiplayer in Guitar Hero Live. Of course multiplayer is coming back in not only the local version, as expected, but also in the way of online multiplayer. Also not a huge surprise given the franchise's history but how it is being brought is for Guitar Hero Live sounds a little odd.

From what is described in the following video for Guitar Hero Live it looks like we may have to level up our account during gameplay to be able to go head-to-head online. This could just be weird descriptions by one of the guys from FreeStyleGames but it is stated that you may need to level up to, say level ten, in Guitar Hero Live to be able to have the experience. Of course it is all mentioned in hypotheticals along the lines of guitar skin unlocks and Hero Powers for Guitar Hero Live so it may just be some misconception on my end. Maybe not though so it is worth mentioning as you'll hear it yourself in just a few seconds if you haven't jumped to the new Guitar Hero Live video already.

Guitar Hero Live — Gamescom Behind The Scenes

I won't hide the fact that I am at least a little interested in seeing how GHTV is going to work in Guitar Hero Live here as it keeps getting better and better descriptions with each update for the game. It sounds like Activision is going to insane lengths to make sure that we have so many options in the way of music to play in Guitar Hero Live and that the list will grow greatly each day. We have only seen a few of the same songs listed in the GHTV images and videos so far so it is hard to say but I love the fact that Guitar Hero Live may have an every growing playlist for us all. I just hope there isn't some kind of monthly premium we will have to pay to have unlimited access to it.

Are you excited to see vocals back for Guitar Hero Live here? How likely do you think we are to get a drum kit option for Guitar Hero Live? Would that be too close to Rock Band again even if they have altered up the controller options? How do you think GHTV will play out, pun intended, for Guitar Hero Live? Let us know down in the comments. For all things Guitar Hero Live keep it tuned in here as we will have the updates for you as soon as FreeStyleGames or Activision has them to offer up. Maybe there will be more after Gamescom.

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