The Undead Finally Come In Game Of Thrones — Ep. 5: A Nest Of Vipers

That seemed like the shortest wait ever for the new episode of Game Of Thrones here as it looks like episode 5, A Nest Of Vipers, is releasing net week on all of the platforms the game is on. Of course this means that the PC, Mac, PS3, and PS4 version will be July 21st (Amazing day) and the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions on July 22nd. All of which in normal Telltale Games manner. Of course this is all good for Game Of Thrones here as it also looks like this story is finally catching up to the HBO TV show story; at least from the title.

To go along with that, and to show where Game Of Thrones is in regards to the overall story we have a nice, new trailer showing all of that. It also looks like the zombies are finally making their way to The Wall in some manner so hopefully there will also be White Walkers. Everything we can hope for in this episode of Game Of Thrones and then some I guess. Depending on where this one leaves off there isn't much more to work with until the next book and TV season for Game Of Thrones is released. That is if HBO hasn't already given them free reign to make up side stories to push on and up.

Here's that new Game Of Thrones trailer for A Nest Of Vipers that also seems to be a bit lacking on the viper side of things. I'm not talking in terms of the animal here either…

Game Of Thrones — Episode 5: 'A Nest Of Vipers'

Have you been playing each episode of Game Of Thrones as they have been released from Telltale Games or are you waiting to binge play the whole season? How exciting does this new episode look to you? How many offshoots of the HBO story lines can we get here in Game Of Thrones to sate our blood lust? How about more Ramsay Bolton? Let us know those answers and thoughts down in the comments. We want them so you need to give them. Also keep an eye out for our next review for this episode of Game Of Thrones as it will help you figure out if you are missing something with the two month windows between episodes or not.

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