The Many Different Ways Just Cause 3 Was Played At E3

I know I missed out on the Just Cause 3 E3 demo when the expo was going on so it is nice that we are now getting to look at it about a month later. Not only are we getting a look at it but we are also getting a guided tour from Avalanche Studios on what is going on as well as the many ways you can approach missions and events in Just Cause 3. Not to mention all of the crazy explosions, murder, and mayhem that we should be looking at the game to provide too. It wouldn't be a Just Cause game without all of that right and Just Cause 3 is not going to be a slouch in the franchise at all.

No one is going to be able to describe what Just Cause 3 is going to be bringing better than Avalanche Studios so I'll let you have the nice guided tour with all the bells and whistles that you want here. Also a big thanks to Square Enix for letting this video fly even though most of the other IPs that are not Just Cause 3 or Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will stay behind all those great closed door. Enough talk. More gameplay and destruction for Just Cause 3. Enjoy.

Just Cause 3 — E3 Playthrough

So there you have the basic play through of Just Cause 3 from E3. Not too shabby but did you see other ways that you could have handled some of these events? Of course you did as we all demand freedom in our games and Just Cause 3 is going to give it to us. In fact if you go just a bit lower you can see the same demo walk through only that you can choose the other options spoken of before. Granted we only get three different choices to choose from here at each turn but what did you expect? Did you expect all possibilities from Just Cause 3 here in the videos? Of course you did but you are not going to get them.

Now you can sit back and go through it all again just from different angles of Just Cause 3. The way that Avalanche Studios wants you to for now.

Just Cause 3 — Choose Your Own Chaos

So there you truly have it as this is what was or could have been shown at E3 for Just Cause 3. What did you think? Do you think it will be another great addition to the Square Enix family or do you want to see more changes and alterations to it? They do have until December 1st to get all those in. Let us know down in the comments and discuss. Also keep it here as we will have more on Just Cause 3 as it gets released into the wild and you won't want to miss it. No sir… you will not…

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