Skylanders SuperChargers Is Going Dark For Another Edition

In the last edition of Skylanders we had a cool Dark Edition as we had villains in tow and it looks like Skylanders SuperChargers is also going to be doing the same thing. As if adding in vehicles wasn't enough for Vicarious Visions it looks like they wanted to make sure we all had the option to play the "evil" versions when we finally get the game on September 20th. Before you get worried about it Skylanders Superchargers' Dark Edition will be available in starter pack form for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U versions of the game. No need to worry outside of being able to find the edition for sale anywhere. All for the low price of $99.99 USD. Just as one would assume for this Dark Version of Skylanders SuperChargers.

So what makes this version of Skylanders SuperChargers better than the normal one? Well first and foremost it gives you all dark and "eviler" versions of the toys and the in-game figures to play around with. This also extends to the Nintendo special characters for Skylanders Superchargers too. So there will be a dark Donkey Kong and a "Darker" Bowser. Not too sure how that will work for story reasons as Bowser is supposed to be evil anyways but hey, Activision needs to sell more toys and give you a reason to want to buy them. Don't argue and get your money ready to send right on over to them. You know that is going to happen here for Skylanders Superchargers Dark Edition anyways.

Also there will be a special Kaos Trophy added to the Dark Edition of Skylanders SuperChargers that can be placed on the portal; but only in this edition. Doing so will add more gameplay and the ability to play Kaos during Skylanders Superchargers. Those details are still a bit sketchy but I am sure we will get them all filled out here in the coming months as we don't have much time and Vicarious Visions and Activision will want to get as much money out of us before September rolls around. That and you know you want to just play as Kaos in Skylanders SuperChargers and that alone will get your funds sent over too. I'm just saying based on the fanatics I've seen for the games.

Skylanders SuperChargers — Dark Edition Trailer

So what do you think about Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition? Does it look like an edition of the game that you'll be willing to pay out more for or will it be skipped? Do you think we need another "Dark Edition" or should we just have fun with Skylanders Superchargers and call it a day? Let us know down in the comments. Also, as with all things gaming, keep it locked in here as we will have more on Skylanders SuperChargers as we get closer to the release date. Not to mention another good look at the game and this edition at SDCC this week. You won't want to miss out.

Skylanders SuperChargers