This Week In Video Games 6/22/15 — 6/26/15

Finally we are back on track and getting all of the video game news and updates finally out there from E3. There was a whole lot to cover in the world of video games and we did our best to get everything we could during and after the week. This included some great hands on impressions for Mad Max, Guitar Hero Live, Drawn To Death, and Assassin's Creed Syndicate. These were also only some of the video games we were able to get to and we all know that there was a whole lot more but our team is limited here and we can only get to so many video games in the day. We need a whole lot more time in the world now don't we?

As is the case always we have a nice little list of everything we were able to cover this week in video games and from E3. We have a whole lot of reviews in the chamber to get out there for you including Hatred, Kholat, Batman: Arkham Knight, and the latest episode for Tales From The Borderlands. Sadly we will only have about a week to get that into the mix of all the other video game news that will be handed out just before SDCC. That would be San Diego Comic Con for those not up on the acronyms. There is always something a little bit new that wasn't shown off at E3 there so we'll see how that pans out for all of our favorite video games.

Until then have fun going through all of our video game coverage we were able to bring you this week. Happy gaming all and until next week enjoy all of those video games out there.

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