Go Under Batman: Arkham Knight's Red Hood DLC

If you are looking to squeeze all the story you can out of Batman: Arkham Knight then you might want to look into pre-ordering the game to make sure you have most of it from day one. Yes, Rocksteady has talked about pumping out more story DLC as the cycle of Batman: Arkham Knight pushes on but it looks like the Red Hood DLC for the game is a GameStop exclusive. Spin up the sad trombone music as yes, you did read that and now you can go into the age old debate of wanting to pre-order there or pick up Batman: Arkham Knight elsewhere and hope that Warner Bros. doesn't have some locked in deal to make it only available there.

Pushing on from that bit of sadness for Batman: Arkham Knight we do have a nice new look at that little extra bit of story for the game. Okay, truth be told it is just a bunch of action with the Red Hood totally doing what we all want to happen in the game; he goes full on Punisher on the criminal element of Gotham. This DLC looks to be one of the aspects of Batman: Arkham Knight that has pushed it to the M for Mature rating by the ERSB. I wouldn't say it is the sole reason as it is still only DLC and not the larger game but it does show that Rocksteady was willing to go where the Bat never will. At least where we are told he never will.

This may not be too shocking for long time Batman fans as they are all very familiar with the Red Hood and who he is already. Granted this doesn't help with where the character was in the previous Arkham games but as Arkham Knight is only linked to the core three titles in the franchise I guess we can ignore all of that from before. This is Rocksteady's game after all and the filler we got with Origins while they wrapped up more on Batman: Arkham Knight. I guess we'll just have to wait and see when the game launches on June 23rd for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Now have a look at the Batman: Arkham Knight DLC that has inspired this entire thing here.

Batman: Arkham Knight — Red Hood Story Pack

So does this make you want to run out and pre-order Batman: Arkham Knight right now or are you okay with waiting to see if the DLC becomes available outside of pre-order? Where do you think that Rocksteady is taking the Red Hood in the Arkham Knight version of the character? Do you think that DC and Warner Bros. would allow them to alter the character greatly from what we know already? Let us know what you are thinking after all this down in the comments. We'll keep the Batman: Arkham Knight updates flowing right here as we get them so be sure to stay locked in to the site for any and all there is to offer.

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