The Sons Of Winter Are Coming With New Game Of Thrones Screens

It's been about two months now so it is high time we had an update for the next episode of Game Of Thrones from Telltale. Like it has almost been literally two months since The Sword In The Darkness released and the TV show is half done with the season by the time of this being written. The synergy just isn't melding if that is what HBO and Telltale were going for with the episodic adventure of Game Of Thrones here. Thankfully though we may not have to wait much longer for the next episode to hit as we have a whole bunch of new screenshots for the next episode of Game Of Thrones titled Sons Of Winter.

With new screenshots most likely means a release and trailer for Game Of Thrones' fourth episode is just around the corner. If it isn't before the end of May here I'll be completely shocked and a little let down by Telltale as that would completely deviate from their normal schedule. At least the unspoken schedule that seems to always be the case for them. I'm just ready to continue the saga and wish that the releases would speed up as I feel like I forget loads of things between each with the two month gap. Hells, I am already forgetting what happened in the other Telltale games outside of Game Of Thrones due to the gap.

None the less though, here are the new screenshots to tease us for the next episode of Game Of Thrones. I really wish there was an option to just them all out of the gate instead of having to wait so long. Capcom did it right with Revelations 2 and that is how episodic stories should go moving forward. Take heed.

Game Of Thrones — Beshka Game Of Thrones — Daenerys Targaryen Mereen Encampment Game Of Thrones — Gared At Castle Black
Game Of Thrones — Whitehill Table Game Of Thrones — Whitehill Game Of Thrones — Wildling

Do you remember the actions and events of Game Of Thrones' last episode and looking forward to Sons Of Winter from these screen shots? Still holding out until you can play all six episodes in one fell swoop? Do you care and are willing to wait however long for Telltale's next episode no matter what? Sound off down in the comments and let's discuss these new images and when you thing Game Of Thrones will get its next episode. When the next trailer, release date, and reviews are ready we will have them for you so stay tuned to our site as you would on your TV.

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