ARK: Survival Evolved Will Let You Shoot A Triceratops In The Face

If you had hopes of one day being able to be a part of an open world, Jurassic Park-like, multiplayer, FPS, survival game then you need not look further as now we have ARK: Survival Evolved on the way to fill that empty spot on your gaming shelf. This would be the new title coming from the independent developer Studio Wildcard and it does just about what I said before with a bit more on top of it all. What kind of game would ARK: Survival Evolved be if it didn't go beyond the general description right? None the less we have the first trailer made of live, online gameplay of ARK: Survival Evolved and it is not something to be missed.

Before you dig into the trailer let's nail down a few other things for ARK: Survival Evolved. First off you play a human that awakens with a whole bunch of other naked humans on a beach. All of whom are confused as to how they got there and what is going on but at least they know that they should most likely band together to try and survive all of the craziness that is going on in the game's world. I am guessing to hopefully figure out how they are walking with the dinosaurs and fighting what looks like dragons. Kind of a stretch there but what good game doesn't have a dragon or two in it nowadays? ARK: Survival Evolved shouldn't be left out.

ARK: Survival Evolved — Announcement Trailer

It does bother me that it looks like your character in ARK: Survival Evolved is most likely a midget or the spacing for character height in the game is way off. Unless the trailer here was captured using a child model in the game's world I see there being the huge issue of disproportionate characters and world. Yes the creatures of the world look to be nice and huge but the humans all seem to be a lot shorter than we are all used to. Unless all of these "advanced" humans in ARK: Survival Evolved are Cro-Magnon who were generally shorter than modern man. Seems a stretch to me but it would be the answer to that issue; one that I would even accept in the long run.

What are your thoughts on the new announcement of ARK: Survival Evolved? Does it scratch that need to hunt and kill giant creatures and dinosaurs? Does the persistent world seem a bit like other "survival" titles that are coming out only with prehistoric creatures that wouldn't exist together in a time line unless a greater power forced everyone into the same time frame? Let us know what you think and if you are excited or not for ARK: Survival Evolved down in the comments. This is another game that could be the next addictive thing if done correctly.

ARK: Survival Evolved