Night Terrors Could Become Your Reality… In Your Own Home

Earlier this week we had the devastation that Silent Hills was canceled so let's get back on a horror highlight with Night Terrors. This would be an augmented reality game that is looking to hit the levels of terror that the prior title mentioned was claiming as well. The big kicker here is that Night Terrors won't be using virtual world interactions to bring the terror. Instead it is slated to get you up and moving about your own home where the ghosts and demons are actually lurking. If it sounds too good to be true then you need to raise those expectations in the world a bit as it looks completely doable…as long as the developers can raise the money.

Let me dig into Night Terrors a bit more for you before you decide not to hop on over and throw down some money on the Indiegogo campaign though. The way Night Terrors is looking to work is it will use the capabilities of all of our smartphone's camera and microphones to "map" our playing space, most likely our homes, and then place the nightmares hidden around the area while you use the same phone's screen to see everything around you. All in the veil to save a missing girl in your own home. That part seems a bit far-fetched for me but the spirit, pun intended, of Night Terrors is what has captured my attention.

The dev team has also stated that outside of placing photo-realistic elements to scare you in Night Terrors it will also be able to scan items in your home as well so they can be interactive, via the phone's screen. In the below trailer you can see paintings on the wall that exist in the real world being moved around in the digital one all to give you that sense that Night Terrors could be real…the game not the disorder that haunts some of us. Once you mix in the fact that you can only play Night Terrors at night, or I assume simulated night, the real fun begins…

Night Terrors — ARG Survival Horror

If you like what you just saw for Night Terrors you can head on over and help them try to raise the funds via the Indiegogo Campaign. Night Terrors does sound to be about half of another title I've caught wind about from developer House Of Hades just on a smaller more personalized experience. In the end we can't seem to get enough of that good old horror stuff and it looks like those Las Vegas developers want to bring it to us. I just hope Night Terrors doesn't turn into some crappy casino game if it fails to reach its mark.

What do you think about Night Terrors? Is it a whole bag of 'nope' or the horror experience we've all been craving and missing? Let us know what you think and look forward to for Night Terrors down in the comments below.

Night Terrors