Go Back Stage & Check Out More For Guitar Hero Live

If you are like me then you might have been curious as to how FreeStyleGames has accomplished the large venue crowds for Guitar Hero Live. We've seen them in the trailers and announcements for the game so far and it looks like they have captured the large audiences that come with being a rock star. It is about time that we try and break that illusion for you well before Guitar Hero Live hits the shelves and we get to pretending with the best of them. That is one of the things that are covered in the latest video for Guitar Hero Live after all.

Okay. I doubt that was the goal for Activision and FreeStyle here with Guitar Hero Live but in the following video does show how they took on the task of giving us that stadium feel. Not only that but some of the more intimate venues we will be shredding in for Guitar Hero Live. You know the kind that you can check out on weekends at a local bar and will most likely be the beginning portion of the game. The kind where patrons could literally come up and slap you if you are sucking too hard at performing someone else's song. If only that was feature in Guitar Hero Live. Talk about nerves…

None the less here is a nice little behind the scenes video for Guitar Hero Live. I know I am a bit more curious to see how they incorporate all of the genres of music that they bring up as well as the costumes and sets that would be needed by the bands and audience to make it feel real. If I'm playing a Heavy Metal song in Guitar Hero Live it would be highly unlikely to see a lot of colorfully dressed people in the background after all. I'm still waiting on confirmation of the features that would make Guitar Hero Live an M rated game too. Shirts go flying all the time in live concerts. I'm just saying. DLC that stuff.

Guitar Hero Live — Behind The Scenes

So is it all really that shocking on the movie magic used to create the illusions in Guitar Hero Live now? Does it make you any more disillusioned knowing that you will technically be taking on the role of a robot playing a guitar on stage instead of using a body camera to capture the hard core rocking? Wouldn't that be a great idea for Guitar Hero Live, a robot rocker? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Guitar Hero Live