The Wait For Ultra Street Fighter IV On The PS4 Is Almost Over

Just in case you need another fighting game outside of Mortal Kombat X right now, we will have the latest version of Ultra Street Fighter IV hitting the PS4 soon. You know, because we need another HD remastered title for the system to distract us from the latest title in the genre. Good old game publishing competition and grabbing for money. None the less all of you PS4 owners out there who wanted Ultra Street Fighter IV since it was mentioned at the PSX event will be getting your digital chance to have the game on May 26th. Just about a month now so get your MKX in now…

If you need more reasons to be willing to drop $24.99 USD on Ultra Street Fighter IV next month then do not that this version will be coming with all of the DLC that has been released to date as well as a few improvements to input lag that Other Ocean has been working hard to get ironed out. Apparently Capcom is done with all of the complaints and just fixed it…in this new PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV. So it looks like it is time to upgrade all of you hold outs who have been complaining that their PS3 version of the game has been a bit broken for a while. That will only jump the price of it a bit more now.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Ultra Street Fighter IV Ultra Street Fighter IV
Ultra Street Fighter IV Ultra Street Fighter IV Ultra Street Fighter IV

It does seem a bit odd that Ultra Street Fighter IV will be hitting the PS4 about a month after the most recent fighting game has been digging its feet into the next gen consoles but it is all about the money. Capcom wants to milk the Ultra Street Fighter IV title as much as possible before Street Fighter V hits the console and then the inevitable Ultra Super Mega Street Fighter V αlpha will be the next big thing. Then again there are also a whole lot of fans of the Street Fighter franchise over the other games out right now so I guess there is a market for it all. Just bothers me for some reason. At least we aren't going to be forced to buy all of the DLC solo this time.

How excited are you for Ultra Street Fighter IV to be hitting the PS4 on May 26th? Too soon? Too late? Don't care? Well we care to hear your personal thoughts on all of this down in the comment section. Fill it out like Ultra Street Fighter IV has filled out the roster page since it was first launched. We do listen…

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