The Beautiful Chaos Of Blood Bowl 2 In Action

Until now I have not been completely sold on Blood Bowl 2. It just looked like one of those games that were really targeted toward a very small subgroup of gamers. Most likely not the truth but that is how it has come across to me since the game was first announced by Focus Home. Now we have a new trailer out for Blood Bowl 2 and either they broadened the subgroup a bit or there is just something now that has caught my attention. Now I am ready to see what Cyanide is bringing with Blood Bowl 2.

As I said, we have a new trailer for Blood Bowl 2. This one doesn't focus on just the human team that will be playable in this fantasy take on American Football. At least it doesn't focus on them outside of team Chaos completely destroying them and looking badass at the same time. This team of course is comprised of all kinds of brutes and monsters from yore and the only team that can take full advantage of mutations during the game. That is a bigger deal for Blood Bowl 2 than you may be thinking right now.

Mutations in Blood Bowl 2 are not only character model changing aspects for the team but also stat and abilities. Of course they have a few game-balancing drawbacks but who cares if you can't dodge as well when you can smash a puny human into the ground with one devastating punch. Granted not being able to recover a fumble all too well can be a huge drawback but I'm hoping in Blood Bowl 2 that is linked to some other crazy ass bonus.

Blood Bowl 2 — Chaos Basic Fouls

Are you now in the subgroup that Blood Bowl 2 is targeting? Were you sold before? Out of the teams shown so far which will you be shaking your pom-poms to? Give us a cheer in the comments below to get our teams all set before the spring release of Blood Bowl 2 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Blood Bowl 2