Grand Theft Auto V PC Is Getting A Video Editor Mode

Just in case you were one of those people playing Grand Theft Auto V and thought "Gods I wish I could make my own cut scenes during my gameplay" then you were out of luck. In fact if you are playing Grand Theft Auto V at the time of this posting you won't be seeing that feature yet as it looks like the PC version is getting an editor mode at launch. Confused? Good. Well, not good but just know that the PC version of GTAV is getting what is called Rockstar Editor that will allow for the aforementioned editing of your own scenes in the game. Just note I am stating the PC version of the game here that launches on April 14th and not the other platforms to date.

So what is Rockstar Editor for Grand Theft Auto V? As it sounds it is a new feature for the game that allows you to capture gameplay footage, edit it, and then upload it for the world to see. Pretty straight forward if you ask me except that it looks like the editor mode will allow you to use any character and NPC in Grand Theft Auto V to help perfect whatever scene you are aiming to make. Nothing can go wrong here right? Of course not. Not that anything more questionable than the core content of Grand Theft Auto V should be expected to come out of all of this. Only time and humanities depravity will tell.

Here's a quick breakdown of what Grand Theft Auto V's Rockstar Editor will include.

Grand Theft Auto V — Rockstar Editor

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V really is getting all of the cool toys now isn't it? Does this make you more or less excited for the game's third release but first to the PC? Home many ways can you see this all being abused and what kind of hilarity can you see coming our way soon? Let us know down in the comments and maybe someone will feature you in their upcoming Grand Theft Auto V video.

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