Grand Theft Auto V Has Never Looked This Good Before

Just when you thought you've seen the best for Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar brings you back in. This time we have a nice long look at how the game is going to look when running at the best settings on the PC version of the game. I though the PS4 and Xbox One editions of Grand Theft Auto V looked out of this world but I am starting to see why PC gaming is such a huge thing. If only it wasn't so expensive and had some of our favorite franchises available. Then I think it would be hands down the easiest choice as to which platform to always purchase a game on. That isn't what this is all about and I am digressing…

Rockstar has given us our first look at Grand Theft Auto V PC running at 60fps to help sell us all on why we need to give the game another look on April 14th. That's if we aren't elbows deep into Mortal Kombat X and have the spare time to cause more murder and death in another universe. This looks to be the most definitive version of Grand Theft Auto V and that is coming from a primarily console gamer here. That is something to take to the bank if you need a reason to drop the $50 on GTAV without a full review for the PC version. I'm sure it will all be the same but just look better.

Grand Theft Auto V — PC Trailer

I am a bit curious on if the PC gaming community is going to feel the same here for Grand Theft Auto V though. It has been a long wait for the game to come on over and now we still have two more weeks to wait. Well at least those with the powerful rigs and the want to drive around with one of the best characters in gaming to date. I'm talking Trevor for those trying to get a full count on what I am talking about here for Grand Theft Auto V. I'm just curious to see how things are going to get modded as we know that will happen with the PC version.

Give us your thoughts on Grand Theft Auto V on the PC from the above video. Do you think it looks good enough to bring about a whole new generation of players to the franchise? Let us know down in the comment section.

Grand Theft Auto V