Bloodborne Has Gone Gold & That Means New A Trailer

If you were worried for some reason that Bloodborne was going to be delayed then you can worry no longer. Bloodborne has gone gold and disks are being printed as you read this. To go along with this, From Software has also put together a nice little trailer to show off Bloodborne for all and what we can look to expect that we haven't seen already. I guess it is just more to try and get us to buy the game that should also help show the power of the PS4 a bit more. Just hopefully Bloodborne will do better than The Order: 1886.

Here is the new Bloodborne that looks to be a little early but it does celebrate the launch of the game. By early I mean we still have a bit of time from the March 24th release date. For now just have a look at the latest for Bloodborne.

Bloodborne — Launch Trailer

Why is there a baby carriage… FROM HELL here? I guess that is something we are going to have to play Bloodborne for to find out. At least that would make the most sense as we don't want all of the fun of Bloodborne ruined just before we get to play it. I just hope that the combat has been tightened up a bit since I last played it. Granted I am also not a huge fan of the Dark Souls gameplay and this is what the game is going to be based off of. Just with more horror.

How excited are you for Bloodborne? Do you know why there is a baby carriage just out in the open there? Do you have your own theories? Let us know down in the comments and the best will be listed in the comments below. If only we had prizes for you all for Bloodborne