The New Amplitude Will Let Us Team Up On Expert Players

It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that I had my hands on Amplitude and now we are getting the next major update for the multiplayer coming with the game. Over on the PlayStation Blog it was just announced that Amplitude will have a team based multiplayer mode added into the mix for the new edition of the game. The reasons behind this being to combat the issue of friends getting together to party play and one of them just happens to be an Amplitude master; thus making the whole experience pretty crappy for the rest of the new players to the game. Like gamers would ever do that to anyone at all…

Anyways, yes, Amplitude will have a 2v2 and a 3v1 multiplayer mode added into the free-for-all mode that was all the rage oh so long ago. This way in the above scenario that one "dick" gamer can have a real challenge while playing three "friends" in a match of Amplitude and not have people wanting to string them up afterwards. You know who you are or at least you know the kind of player I am talking about. Now they can test their skills against the combined effort of everyone else able to play Amplitude at the time.

To go along with this new announcement we also have a new gameplay trailer for Amplitude. If my words before didn't paint a great picture then you can see for yourself. This new Amplitude has all of the core and fun gameplay that made it a cult classic on the PS2, just with all the pretty visuals and audio enhancements that have come to light over the timespan. The best of all worlds for those craving some Amplitude action. Now we just have to wait a bit for it to come to our homes.

Amplitude — A Cult Classic Reborn

Oh, if you can't seem to wait to give the new modes for Amplitude a try and you happen to be at PAX East, Harmonix will have the new modes just announced as well as everything else for Amplitude available on the show floor for you. I believe it will be Booth #4224 for those on the lookout. If you do get to play Amplitude let us know your thoughts on the new mode and game in general down in the comments.