Good News Grand Theft Auto V Online Heists Are Almost Here

Fans of Grand Theft Auto V we have some good news and we have some bad news. First the bad news… Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed for the PC version of the game. If you've been holding out for that version then you are going to have to hold out just a bit longer as the new date for this version is April 14th. It is a bit longer and it sucks, Rockstar even knows it sucks, but at least you know that you will be getting the best version of Grand Theft Auto V ever. That and all of those PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 users will have found most of the bugs and issues before you spin it up. Oh, and you'll be getting an extra $200,000 in GTA Online cash for the delay too.

Now for the good news. This also carries over for those affected by the PC delay. Grand Theft Auto V's long awaited Online Heists mode will be available for all on March 10th. It's been such a long wait and it looks like Rockstar has ironed out everything so that the 4-player co-op Heists can venture into the online world of the game. This is something many of us have been waiting for and now we have a solid date to log back into Los Santos and wreak havoc throughout the virtual world. Time to posse up!

Grand Theft Auto V — Heists Grand Theft Auto V — Heists Grand Theft Auto V — Heists Grand Theft Auto V — Heists Grand Theft Auto V — Heists

I personally feel bad for all of those early adopters of Grand Theft Auto V on the last-gen consoles as they have been waiting so long for this mode to come out. I only joined the Grand Theft Auto V bandwagon with the PS4/XB1 release and it feels like it has been an insane amount of time waiting for the Online Heists. I can't fault Rockstar at all for the wait as I know this is going to be something major for their online community and they want to get it right but that doesn't mean I can't express frustration with the wait. It is cases like this though that I am glad that I haven't fully gone to the PC side of the gaming spectrum and keep my options fully open. This is a specific case but it happens with many titles out there all the time.

Are you ready to hop in and take on some heists in Grand Theft Auto V Online? Are you still waiting for the PC version and will be able to play everything day one? Do you even think that Grand Theft Auto V is still relevant given all the titles out now and coming? Leave your personal online tags in the comments section.

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