Have A Look At How Powers Is Being Made By PlayStation

We only have a few more weeks now until Powers debuts on the PSN. All of you PS+ members around the world with your PS4s, PS3s, or access to the PlayStation website will be able to watch the first season starting on March 10th. Well at least the first three episodes and then a new one each Tuesday from then on. The good news we bring you today though is that fans of the comic and those hopefuls for an awesome showing of Powers no longer need to wait to get a nice look at the show. We have a behind the scenes look at how the show came to light.

If you direct your gaze just a bit lower you can see the full behind the scenes featurette for Powers. It shows off a bit of the production of the show, a bit of how the concept came to life, a bit of Eddie Izzard, and how PlayStation is letting the creators kind of do what they want for Powers. Have a look and see what I am talking about just mere millimeters below this line.

Powers — Behind The Scenes Featurette

If I wasn't excited for Powers already I would be more so now. Powers looks like the kind of show that Heroes and Heroes: Reborn want to be but have the limitations of network TV hindering them. From what I see here it looks like Powers could be close to the level of freedom that Game Of Thrones has on HBO just with most likely limited nudity and sexy scenes. At least that is how it is looking but it sounds like things could heat up given the freedom claims that keep coming during the above video. The only limitation I can see is that PlayStation can be open to those who may not be mature enough for Powers and that could lead to some roadblocks.

What do you think of Powers though? Could this be PlayStation's first great step into the original TV content like Netflix has mastered? Could this all just be a load of hype? Let us know in the comments. I know I am hoping for a show that finally will not have a happy ending as it seems Powers may not have. Not every story needs to end on a high note…