NightCry Has More Gameplay To Help Get The Game Funded

It looks like Nude Maker isn't going down without a fight as the NightCry Kickstarter campaign comes to an end. We now have more gameplay to show off for NightCry and how the point-and-click nightmare is going to play if the game actually gets to be made. They are just about a third of the way funded with only six days to go so things are looking as grim for that to happen as when Monica decides to hide in the drier from the Scissor Walker. Watch the extended gameplay and you'll get that little joke even though I really do hope that NightCry does get fully funded.

What is a bit odd here is that even though NightCry is kind of floundering on Kickstarter the developers did post a new stretch goal for the game. Well two really. If they can raise another $300k in six days NightCry will be heading to the PS4. Another $400k will bring it to the Xbox One. Granted that is all based on the current funding of just over $150k they currently have so I wouldn't hold any breath here sadly. Then again, given all of the work you will be able to see maybe this is just there way of letting the world know what is in the works. Maybe a publisher will like what they see if the funding fails and throw them a bone; so to say.

NightCry — Extended Gameplay

The above gameplay for NightCry does seem to be very low quality when you look at it. You also have to remember that this is being worked on by people who are not getting the money they need so I would attribute part of that there. Who knows though? I think NightCry has some great potential if Nude Maker could focus down on doing the work and not how they are going to keep their selves alive while working on the title. It does seem a bit odd that given the names behind it there isn't more funding going their way. Maybe I am in the minority for this Clock Tower "sequel."

Like I said there is still time to help fund NightCry and you can do so over on their Kickstarter using the normal means that the site allows for. I'd be curious to see what happens to NightCry if the funding fails here but that is not the positive thinking the game needs as of right now. Maybe some of that short film money should have gone to the game instead. That's a though. What do you think though? Feel free to fill in the comments below with those thoughts.