Amplitude Is Now Set For A Summer 2015 PS3 & PS4 Release

Sad news for all of us out there who were hoping to be playing Amplitude this coming March. We will not be playing the game this coming March as the game has now been delayed until sometime this summer. This sad update comes directly from the team over at Harmonix working on Amplitude via the Kickstarter updates. Most likely to go un-noticed by the gaming community as a whole but not those who have backed the project and were hoping to get the game earlier than it will be now.

Here's a bit of what they had to say about Amplitude and the delay:

This is our first time working on PlayStation 4, and it’s been a big learning experience for the team. We've put a lot of work into our proprietary engine to support some of the new, awesome content we’re bringing to the reboot. These factors combined have bumped production out a few additional months.

This is quite a shocker to me as when I played Amplitude at the PlayStation Experience it felt like it was in the final stages of production. In fact, outside of a few minor bugs that build was about on par for a gold status as I saw it. Then again I didn't get to see all of the behind the scenes and other features that Harmonix is trying to get into Amplitude so my basis is only on what bit I was shown. Who knows? Maybe this delay is here to give the team time to implement non-Harmonix created songs into the final build. Or maybe a DLC store that they have made all the rage in the past.

I guess if they think that Amplitude isn't ready for the market then we have to go with their guts. As they explained I know I would like to have a full Amplitude title without bugs later than have a horrible build missing features sooner. Hopefully the summer listing will become early summer instead of late summer. We'll see.

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