Did Batman: Arkham Knight Get Accidentally Spoiled?

If you don't want any bit of Batman: Arkham Knight spoiled for you then you might want to stop reading. Who am I kidding though? You already clicked in with the given title so you are ready to find out how Batman: Arkham Knight's story and conclusion may have been spoiled almost half a year before it hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The worst part behind it, if it is true then it isn't any crazy slip by Rocksteady or Warner Bros. but via the Limited Edition bundle of the game and Amazon having amazing images for the bundle. Last chance to stop reading now if you still want to save the story.

If you are still with us then all of this news comes from Videogamer.com and a bit of speculating based on some now changed text on the statue for Batman: Arkham Knight you can see in the image below. If all is correct in their logic, which is kind of sound, then it looks like Batman: Arkham Knight won't be just the end of the story but the end of Batman in the videogame's universe. Rocksteady did say that they wanted to go out with a bang after all and this is the end of the trilogy so…

Batman: Arkham Knight — Limited Edition

Where this new Batman: Arkham Knight speculation comes from is based on what is written to the final version of the statue. That is "From a Grateful City In Memory of the Gotham Knight." The image for the bundle no simply reads "The Gotham Knight" but if what was there is correct it looks like Batman may be dying in the end. Why else would the statue be in memory? Unless Gotham gets to a point where Batman is no longer needed and now is just a memory for the level of horror it once was and the savior but let's face it, Gotham is too messed up for that.

Of course this is still all hearsay and rumor for now and nothing concrete has been stated for Batman: Arkham Knight and hopefully that won't be confirmed until after June this year. Maybe earlier given review schedules but you get the gist. So there you have it. Batman may officially die in Batman: Arkham Knight