Resident Evil Zero HD REmaster Could Be In The Pipes

If the image is correct then it looks like Resident Evil Zero HD REmaster may be the next title in the works from Capcom getting the full HD upgrade. This of course comes from an update to the pre-order page for Resident Evil HD REmaster where the developer/publisher wanted to show off the cool theme you can get for your PS4 if you pre-order before the January 13th 2015 release date in Japan. Make that date January 20th and you'll have the NA release date for those who were wondering.

Any-who, some eagle eyed people who don't work for Capcom in Japan caught a small glimpse on the theme image that wasn't supposed to be released into the wild. It has since been changed on the website but if you look at the following screen grab below you can see the logo for Resident Evil Zero in the lower right part of the image. In fact it is not just the logo but anyone familiar with the PS4 UI would note that as Resident Evil Zero being one of the recently played titles in the system's library that the theme image was captured on. Well at least the title of Biohazard Zero which is the Japanese name for Resident Evil Zero so…

Here, have a look and see if you can spot the little Resident Evil Zero image.

Resident Evil Zero HD REmaster

Hopefully you were able to see it as it took Capcom a bit of time to catch the accident. This of course doesn't confirm anything for Resident Evil Zero getting an HD REmaster but it does allow for speculation. It seems extremely likely given Capcom's past and their almost certain future. It wouldn't seem too out there to finally see all of the GameCube versions of the franchise making the leap again while the ever-rumored Resident Evil 7 is in the works. Companies need to get money and rehashing old stuff for a new audience works.

I guess we'll find out if Resident Evil Zero is going to be a thing or not as we get closer to that Resident Evil HD REmaster release date. Damn alliterations…

Resident Evil Zero HD REmaster