Heists Are Still Coming To Grand Theft Auto V Online

If you were looking to be able to play Heists online for Grand Theft Auto V you may need to wait just a bit longer. I know we've all been waiting almost a year or so but at least we have confirmation that Rockstar North is still trying to get the mode into Grand Theft Auto V Online for us all…for free. We can't really complain about something that is free can we? Well of course we can but it really is a douchey move when all is said and done.

To better emphasis that we are getting multiplayer Heists into Grand Theft Auto V Online there was a nice little trailer showing things in motion. It is kind of a dick in the face for those fans that have been waiting for so long as there is still no date on when it will get added into the mix but you will take it and like it. It is a rough thing to program and build around as most of you gamers out there like to break things the moment it is given to you. Rockstar had to make sure that things wouldn't be broke out of the box so the wait is going to be good. Not sit down Skippy.

Grand Theft Auto V — Online Heists Trailer

I'll be honest; Heists were some of the more fun items in Grand Theft Auto V's campaign mode for me. Since they are building off the gameplay there I am sure that the fun should be close to the same when playing with a bunch of real people. Well…doubtful as there won't be as many scripted things going on and you'll always have to worry about not getting your cut and someone else dicking up the job, but hey; Heists are coming to Grand Theft Auto V Online. In fact it sounds like we are getting 5 unique Heists sometime early next year-ish but that's a whole horse of s different color here.

Now that we know they are coming, how do they work?

It looks like these will always be a four player set up where everyone needs to be at least level 12 to join in. There will be one leader who will need to have a huge hideout for the planning and waiting as they won't get paid until the big score is hit. The non-leaders will be the ones doing the grunt work to get everything set up. During these missions the non-leaders will receive little cash bonuses for getting the job done. This is on top of the big cut when all is said and done. Pretty much making it a good option to swap between leader and non-leader roles if you want to score big.

That's what we have for now. So let us continue the wait to have that good old Heist fun in Grand Theft Auto V Online.

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