Hear Some New Things For The Order: 1886 Right Here

It's been a while since we've seen some new stuff for The Order: 1886 so we should be getting something here soon. Right? Ready At Dawn? You listening? If the latest look at The Order: 1886 is any sign of that then most may think that you are just leaving us all hanging as we all eagerly wait for February 20th to roll around and we can load this bad boy up on or PS4s. That is if you are not an audiophile or interested in seeing how Ready At Dawn is trying to use the music and audio to also tell part of The Order: 1886's story.

So if that is your kind of jam then you are going to love this look at The Order: 1886 for now. I'm guessing they are holding anything new until the PlayStation Experience next week. That's a Vegas bet that I would take.

The Order: 1886 — Music Of The Order: 1886

Wait, wait, wait… This guy writing the score for The Order: 1886 says he wanted to try and make something that sounds original here? Maybe it is just me but what I hear is Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow. Maybe it is just the bits that are being played in the video above but I think Ready At Dawn just got taken with the guise of new and original. That is a hard thing to do in general and this pretentious looking score writer either failed or chose the wrong piece to try and show how this is The Order: 1886 only score.

This wouldn't bug me so much if the guy didn't keep saying that he was making something that we have not heard before and can instantly associate it with The Order: 1886 and nothing else. I mean the music is great and looks to fit what the great people over at Ready At Dawn have put together but I think the music isn't going to be what makes us think of The Order: 1886 when we see or hear something. It is going to be a blend of other sound effects mixed in that were created by an audio engineer overlaid on the music that will do that.

Then again…I'm no audiophile.

The Order: 1886