Now Here's Everything You Need To Know For Far Cry 4

It looks like these "everything you need to know" videos from Ubisoft are all the rage still so here we have one for Far Cry 4. We all need a reminder as to why we need to be picking up Far Cry 4 and giving it a spin because all of the previous videos and information handed out like candy just wasn't enough. I'm so glad that we are getting treated like we have the truncated version of a gold fish's memory. Like under a week kind of truncated here.

None the less we have another "everything you need to know" trailer just for you. Who knows, maybe some of you still have no clue about Far Cry 4 and what the gameplay is going to be like. This is for you then to help you decide if you are going to be picking up the game next week or not. It doesn't look like any of the visuals or gameplay have been doctored from the live versions of Far Cry 4 that I've seen and played thus far so that is a good thing right?

Far Cry 4 — Everything You Need To Know

It's funny seeing all of this here when you really could have just clicked through all of the archived Far Cry 4 news and footage and had a more coherent version of all of this information. I guess those PR people over at Ubisoft just needed to fill a quota on videos before launch and just said "Screw it! Just link everything together we've shown already and gamers will eat it up." Kind of an easy out there but then again it gives me an easy out to keep all those anticipating Far Cry 4 clicking in to the site. Win-win…

Far Cry 4