Looks Like Grand Theft Auto V Is Going FPS

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to the 'next-gen' consoles and PC which is no big shocker to anyone who has not been without their phone or the internet. There were also a few exclusive updates for Grand Theft Auto V that will be coming to these versions of the game but they have been nothing that wasn't expected given the power offered from the newer systems. Luckily those were not the only perks to waiting for GTAV to hit this November as it looks like those hold outs are getting the chance to play the game in First Person mode. All because this is something that everyone wanted or something like that.

Yes, we will be able to play, assuming, the whole story and extras of Grand Theft Auto V from the perspective of the main characters and not just as some creeper from the outside. You know because it is more immersive to do the messed up things in Grand Theft Auto V from the eyes of the protagonists than to just watch and enjoy. All the stuff that everyone was complaining about when they saw that Hatred trailer and got all righteous but hey that isn't the point as Grand Theft Auto V is an AAA title from a major developer.

I'm not going to open that can of worms again though so let us move on to the footage we have showing off the first person mode in Grand Theft Auto V. Let's have a watch…

Grand Theft Auto V — First Person Experience

So there you have it. Grand Theft Auto V in first person. It looks like it will make some of the vehicle portions of the game (You know, what made the franchise in the first place) a bit easier and more immersive but it does look like everything else boils down to a stylized CoD game. I guess if that is what you really want then you are in luck here but I am not sure why we need this extra. Then again just because I don't care for it that doesn't mean that there wasn't a want for it with Rockstar listening to you all.

Grand Theft Auto V