Story Time: Far Cry 4

If you haven't been following along with much of Far Cry 4 outside of the fun looking game mechanics and killing that will take place in the game on November 18th then you might be a bit behind on why all said killing is going on. Yes it is well known that there is some guy named Pagan Min shitting all over Kyrat and all that jazz but why? Also why should we care is another great question to ask when digging into Far Cry 4. It's not like there is some grand story or anything to guide us as we ruthlessly end lives on our PS3s, PS4, Xbox 360s, Xbox Ones, and PCs here right?

Oh wait… there is a story behind all of the killing in Far Cry 4. Who would have thought? I guess it's a good thing that we have the following story trailer from Ubisoft and Red Storm Entertainment to show us the real reason for all the craziness in Far Cry 4. I totally though it was just an elephant riding, rhino running, tiger killing free-for-all with no rhyme or reason. That's not what games are about is it?

So here we have it. Looks like in Far Cry 4 you are taking on the role of someone that had a mother involved with all the madness in Kyrat and you are there to chew gum and kill people to make sure no more people die. You're all out of gum by the way. Also you seem a bit jaded to the irony of trying to make sure no more human lives are ended as you continue the goal to end the lives of those people who are out there in the world ending human lives. At least you get to do all of this while employing tigers to end said lives. The circle of life and all…

Far Cry 4 — Story Trailer

I am sure that there is more to the overall story of Far Cry 4 than what I boiled it down to from the boiled down story trailer above. I just wanted to make sure that everyone out there had a good grasp on things to help choose if you are going to pre-order Far Cry 4 or just pick it up on launch day. Granted if you are a fan of Far Cry at all the answer is easy. This story trailer though is good enough to cinch in those who have never played a Far Cry title to date but want to get their feet bloody with Far Cry 4. People like me…

Far Cry 4