Time To Got To The Midlands & Himalayas Of Far Cry 4

We've already seen the lowlands of Far Cry 4's Kyrat location so it is about time to start moving up to new heights in the environments. Well Ubisoft and Red Storm want us to now as they have given us a new look at more of Far Cry 4's world. This time we even get to look at that arena that was teased at the end of the last video and it looks intense. That and something that looks like it was pulled right out of Game Of Thrones even though that series didn't pioneer the idea of sky prisons.

Here we have the Midlands and the Himalayas in all of their glory. This also brings us all the 'snow' versions of all of the wildlife if it exists in the real world. Although I wouldn't be too shocked if there was something made just for Far Cry 4 to be used to rip people apart as we make the venture up the hills. Or if we have to make the trek out of the Sky Prisons back down to get at Pagan Min one more time depending on the story of Far Cry 4.

There is also a small bit showing off some new gear and I am excited to see the flying suit in use for Far Cry 4. It's been used in other games before but it is always fun to add another mode of getting around since falling looks to be so prevalent in the world of Far Cry 4 that people have that chambered as a general question to ask. Then again maybe that is just me reading into things more than I should.

Far Cry 4 — Midlands and Himalayas

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