There Are A Few Updates For The PlayStation Experience Now

Earlier this month the PlayStation Experience was announced and very little was given to us outside of the days and city it will take place in. That being December 6th and 7th in Las Vegas, NV for those who need a recap and didn't click the previous link. The PlayStation Experience is slated as an unprecedented event that will host panels and discussions with developers hooked into Sony PlayStation, hands-on with titles that are coming out soon, free swag, and the list goes on.

We were also promised that on October 20th we would be given an update on how to purchase tickets and a bit more surrounding the event. That day went and passed without an update but a promise for new shortly after. No big deal or surprise there as we still have a month and a half before the whole shindig kicks off and people who don't live here in Las Vegas don't need time to plan a trip. Although the best plans for those are still spontaneous but that is usually not something to deal with video games as the PlayStation Experience is aimed for.

Well fret not as we do have an update for the PlayStation Experience only a few days late. It looks like the whole event is taking place at the Venetian Hotel/Sands Expo and you can purchase your tickets right here on October 24th. Here as in the anchor tag that you just read passed and not the site proper. Although I won't turn down money if you want to send it along to us here. I just can't promise that will get you into the PlayStation Experience is all.

PlayStation Experience

If you are still up in the air on if you are going to make the trek out to the PlayStation Experience you still have some time of course. Outside of the holiday rush for rooms and all that there should be plenty of space to accommodate all of those PlayStation fans out there. You can also hold off to see what/who will be at the PlayStation Experience as they are going to be slowly updating the PlayStation Blog with all of that information. I just hope they do it soon so everyone doesn't end up wasting money on something they didn't really want.

As I said before, I'll be out at the PlayStation Experience so if anything at least you know you'll have one friendly face to kick it old school with. Or meet for the first time…

PlayStation Experience