Here Are The Details Of Far Cry 4's Season Pass

There is nothing like Day One DLC and it looks like Far Cry 4 is getting its own little add-on with the recently announced season pass for the game. If you don't plan on getting the Gold Edition or collector's edition of Far Cry 4 then don't worry as you can get this season pass for the low price of $29.99. That is the same if you purchased the standard version of Far Cry 4 with this DLC. Just like if you shelled out for either of those mentioned "collector's" editions. So what is the real bonus to pre-order Far Cry 4 here?

Here's exactly what you are getting in that Far Cry 4 season pass so you can decide if you want to get it now or later.

  • The Syringe — The day-one Season Pass exclusive mission will have you preventing Pagan Min from retrieving a rare recipe and using it against the rebellion. Take on The Syringe in either single-player or co-op.
  • Escape from Durgesh Prison — Team up with a friend to escape Yuma's prison after being locked up and tortured. Fun stuff.
  • Hurk Deluxe Pack — More harpooning. More explosions. More Hurk. More awesome. Get access to five new missions starring Hurk, including Yak Farm, Blood Ruby and Hurk's Redemption. We just love this crazy country boy so much.
  • Overrun — Play as either the Rakshasa or the Golden Path in this new PvP multiplayer mode. Capture territory around Kyrat and stop that territory from being taken by your enemies.
  • Valley of the Yetis — A crash landing on a Himalayan ridge finds Ajay fighting for his life in a strange new frozen landscape. Scavenge for tools and upgrade your campsite, while fending off deadly nighttime attacks from a mysterious cult. Explore caves in the area, but watch out for what lurks within. Valley of the Yetis has both single-player and co-op options, so it might be wise to bring a friend along to watch your back.
Far Cry 4 — Season Pass

Personally I think this is a bit of a janky move to force pre-orders for Far Cry 4 when all is said and done. You can either pre-order for $90 USD or you can get your Far Cry 4 on November 18th and then drop another $30 USD to get the same experience. I'm not seeing the exact bonus for pre-ordering Far Cry 4 now unless I am missing something. It looks like just a confusing way to announce everything to try and trick people into shelling out for a title before reviews come in. It's the same price more or less for the same content. Ubisoft just gets to secure sales for those who don't catch that.

I guess this all works out for those who planned on getting Far Cry 4 no matter what anyone says about it. How many of you out there are like that still?

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