There Is All Kinds Of Customization In The Crew

There is going to be all kinds of terrain and tracks for us to drive on in The Crew this December. Every car person out there knows that each terrain or environment needs a different configuration of vehicle to be able to operate properly on it. Especially at high speeds. So with that in mind it looks like we have a bit more on the different customizations for the vehicles in The Crew to look at in the following trailer.

You will need to be a bit quick-eyed to catch all the little details for each of the vehicles shown here for The Crew as the trailer doesn't go into the mechanics of customizing cars. It really shows all of the outcomes of the alterations as well as how you could potentially drive said vehicles in game. I have a feeling that no matter how much you alter or upgrade it won't make you a driving god in The Crew if you have poor hand-eye coordination. Sorry but it is going to be true and there is nothing we can do about it outside of practicing our brains out.

Have a nice long look at everything I spoke of for The Crew now. There is still supposed to be a beta for The Crew this coming November so keep an eye out for that as we will need to make sure all of the bugs are out before the full launch on December 2th. Feels like we just started October and we still have so many more titles to look forward to before the end of the year. Madness!

The Crew — Customization Trailer

The Crew