Check Out The Lowlands Of Kyrat In Far Cry 4

There is going to be a lot to explore in Far Cry 4 so it looks like it is time to start digging into all of that. At least that is what Ubisoft and Red Storm seem to be thinking as we are getting a multipart series of videos and gameplay trailers to show off the different areas and zones that we will be travelling through in Far Cry 4. Seeing as the game's world is slated to be one of the most expansive in the franchise to date it sounds like a good thing to walk us all through. If for nothing more than giving us some more of that sweet in-game footage.

What we have up first in this series is a look at the Lowlands of Kyrat from Far Cry 4. For the most part it looks like any third world country filled with all the animals that we could hope to employ as we hunt down that king of Kyrat. It looks like it could be full of fun huts exploding as well as rampant with elephant rampage if you ask me. Not to mention the fact that we also get to use a gyro-copter here and hopefully that doesn't stay just in the Lowlands here. I totally want to hover all over the world of Far Cry 4 raining down death from the sky

Here, have a look.

Far Cry 4 — Journey to the lowlands of Kyrat

As kind of a cool little bonus for all you Childish Gambino fans out there, it looks like Ubisoft has teamed up for a collaboration with his song Crawl. It isn't my exact cup of tea when it comes to music here but the song mixes in well with the gameplay footage that it is mixed with. You can see the video just below all of this text here and decide if you enjoy it for yourself. I am curious if there will be more promo/collaborations like this for Far Cry 4 as we move forward but as of now this looks to be the only bit of extra fun that we are getting for now. It's at least something.

Far Cry 4 — Childish Gambino

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