The Black Glove Is What Is Next For Those Ex-Irrational Games Developers

Back when Irrational Games was winding down and people were losing jobs over there, there was a big question as to what was going to become of some of the people who didn't move along with Ken Levine. There is still not much know except that a small group from said team have now banded together to bring us The Black Glove. The team in question here is called Day For Night Games and it comprises mostly of those who were responsible for BioShock Infinite, that game's DLC, and the original BioShock. When you have a look at The Black Glove all of that talent and style can easily be seen.

You don't have to take my word for it though. Here is the Kickstarter video for The Black Glove with a bit of all the fun that this new team has in store for us if we can help them reach their half a million funding goal.

It can't be just me here but doesn't The Black Glove look pretty much like every other BioShock title? I guess that is what happens when you get the same group of artists working together on a period piece. Just like what happened with Dishonored and that team. That is all aesthetics though what can really help define The Black Glove as its own will be the narrative and the actual gameplay mechanics. All of which are still a bit foggy after watching the video and reading through the Kickstarter campaign literature.

If I understand things correctly then in The Black Glove we will be able to change not only the story but the game world based on our choices on how to alter the work of three different artists in the world. This may be through 80's video game music, cyberpunk fiction, or low-budget b-movies. This is of course all done after you summon the titular Black Glove by earning "feats" during the game. This is done of course by besting the Space Minotaur and his minions. I am hoping that there are different ways to do this instead of the basic 80's style cabinet game shown in the above video. If not I am not sure how many people will be intrigued enough to keep re-playing The Black Glove to see the many different outcomes. Granted, when you look that there is a possibility of 27 outcomes for each of the three creators that is a long list of options. Hopefully each will be detailed out.

None the less, if all goes as planned for The Black Glove and Day For Night we can look to have the game on Windows, Mac, and Linux sometime by the end of 2015. I'm assuming that the team is using a broad engine to build The Black Glove as "other platforms" are listed as possible but I have a feeling that is based on stretch goals and how well the game sells if it comes to market. Good luck with that over there. If you want to help them here is their Kickstarter page again for your clicking pleasure.

The Black Glove