Looks Like We Are Getting One More Assassin's Creed Title This Year

Just in case you didn't think you were going to get enough Assassin's Creed this year with Unity and Rogue launching in November it looks like there is another set of titles coming just weeks before the one-two punch of those titles. All on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC at that. This new addition to the franchise is Assassin's Creed: Birth Of A New World — The American Saga although it really isn't a fully new addition to the universe but a way to get caught up on all the lore and events leading up to Rogue/Unity.

This new Assassin's Creed collection, yes it is just a collection of past titles, will house Assassin's Creed III, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and Assassin's Creed Liberation HD all in one place for all those who may have missed out on the fun. You know, people like me who happened to miss out on ⅔ of what is coming here in the past Assassin's Creed releases. Also all of this is coming to the NA region on October 23rd and October 3rd for the EU region so it will give us more to pass the time until the two newer titles launch.

There has been no word on if all the DLC for the titles will be included in this bundle of Assassin's Creed titles but it makes sense to do so. Then again, we also have no clue how much it will cost to pick up this bundle so if it is dirt cheap for three full titles then Ubisoft may just hold back on all that Assassin's Creed DLC and still require us to piecemeal together all of the content over the games. Doubtful but still possible.

Assassin's Creed: Birth Of A New World — The American Saga