This Week In Gaming 8/11/14 — 8/15/14

It was Gamescom week so as to be expected the gaming news came rolling in nonstop. We are still trying to recover and get everything we can out there for you readers. There were some ups, like Until Dawn getting revitalized for the PS4, and then there were some downs, like Rise Of The Tomb Raider being slated as an Xbox exclusive for a bit of time. Then again that is only bad news for those out there planning on playing the game on a PlayStation or PC so you can take that as you will for now.

Another bit of interesting-ness in the world of gaming is that it seemed like there was a hard push for horror games this week. We saw a bit on The Evil Within as well as Alien Isolation. Of course the big bit of horror gaming news was with the playable teaser, P.T., and its secret announcement of Silent Hills coming from Hideo Kojima and his studio. Not only was that a fun way to announce a game but it was a full on game unto itself giving us at least an hour's worth of fear instilling gameplay.

I'll leave you now to go through and catch up on all of your gaming news here. I'm also going to try and speed run P.T. to see who fast it can be done. Happy gaming all!